Food Writing 101 (Summer 2012)

Food Writing 101 (Summer 2012)

This 6-week course is designed to provide the training and mentoring that today’s freelance food bloggers, authors and writers find tough to come by.

Traditionally, writers learned the basics of reporting, writing and pitching their stories in newsrooms, magazines or from book editors. But today, the editors in traditional publishing are often charged with more work than is humanly possible and rarely have the time to educate and nurture their writers. This reality is further complicated for writers who are committed to creating their blogs, articles and books independently and from far flung locales.

Organized and lead by food writer, author and internet pioneer, Molly O’Neill, The Essentials of Food Writing combines podcast lectures and interviews with some of the top writers in food today with targeted readings, professionally edited on-line assignments, facilitated peer workshops and the option of additional, individual editing sessions.

This course is for writers who want to take their food writing to the next level. The weekly lecture, interview, conversation or panel discussion is pre-recorded as a podcast, allowing students to listen at their convenience. The weekly call-in workshop focuses on each student's work. The workshop groups are small and are comprised of writers with similar skills, publishing experience and goals. The groups range from Beginners seeking introductory skills to Advanced students seeking support for on-going projects.

A full course description is available at Cook 'n Scribble.

The conference call workshops meet on Sundays from 6-7:30pm EST or Wednesdays from 8-9:30pm EST.

This item is the full course, including both the lectures/interviews and workshops.

Week-by-week assignment and reading list will be included in the class packet that you will receive after registering.

EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: The total cost for the course is $450. A $250 deposit is required to reserve your seat. The remainder is due the week before class starts .